Take me away

Over the sea

To anywhere

I can be me

I look at the stars

And question my worth

What significance

Was there in my birth?


I’m searching hard but for what I don’t know

What will give me inner peace and let me grow?


Please free my soul

Teach me to find

The path to choose

Open my mind

Lead me from here

To spiritual planes

Show me the way

Insight is gained


Wisdom and knowledge I seek and desire

To understanding my own life I aspire


I’m looking for truth

But can’t understand

What purpose have I?

Has it been planned?

Help me comprehend

The meaning why

We struggle through life

And then we just die


There must be something that will fulfil me

Just what will make me complete? Enlighten me


I reach out to you

Nothing I’ll hide

So please will you be

My mentor and guide?



© 2003 Paul Curtis