What a force to be reckoned with…

his soulful singing and slick finger prowess being unbeatable.”


Singer-songwriter, Paul Curtis had a musical background ranging from brass bands to rock bands, but he was ultimately destined to take on the world on his own with his acoustic guitar.  Since he did so, Paul has amassed a wealth of experience as a solo live performer.  Paul also has three albums, three E.P.s and five singles – all self-produced – under his belt, and he has also received airplay, and been a live guest, on local radio.

Paul started out as a tenor horn player, playing in brass bands from the age of 10.  After discovering rock music, and in particular his major influences of Queen, The Kinks and The Who, Paul convinced his parents to get him a guitar for his 16th birthday.  He then taught himself to play, and within a couple of years, had started writing songs.  Paul played in three bands in the nineties, each of which ran their course, and by the end of the decade, Paul found himself becoming increasingly frustrated at his lack of success in getting a new band off the ground.  Then, he had an epiphany when he saw Ray Davies on his Storyteller tour, and Paul found himself thinking, “Well, I could do that!”  So, in 2000, Paul went it alone as an acoustic soloist.

In 2008, Paul wrote what he regards as his grand opus, his rock opera, Bewilderment, which over a decade and a half later, is still in the process of being recorded.  An ambitious project, which kept finding itself on the back burner, and in fact Paul found it such a creative millstone that it took him seven years to feel able to write new material.  That renewed creativity came in 2016, with a batch of new songs, including a song for each of Paul’s three sons and a collaboration with a class of school children.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Paul embraced livestreaming, performing 12 themed livestream gigs, plus three gigs from his garage roof for the neighbours!

In 2023, Paul digitally re-released his entire back catalogue and finished off the year with a special 30th anniversary edition of Try To Live Your Dreams as a digital single.

2024 finally sees the first releases from the mythically long-awaited rock opera……