Mercurial Session
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Paul Curtis — Mercurial Session
Release date : Jul. 18, 2011
Label : Paul Curtis
  1. I'm Not Gonna Play Your Games Anymore
  2. Nottingham Song
  3. Where Do I Go From Here?
  4. Together With You


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My second E.P. was released worldwide, as a digital download, in 2011, distributed by CD Baby.

For this release, I remixed all of the original versions of the four tracks, replacing the live drum and bass sounds with more of a studio sound.  Again, some of the drum fills were improved and various elements of the soundscape tweaked, but the most noticeable difference was with the ending of I’m Not Gonna Play Your Games Anymore, where the final line of the song was made acapella and the subsequent final chord removed.

The cover is a photo of me enjoying a pint of real ale outside The Bell Inn, Nottingham, as referred to in Nottingham Song.

This version of Nottingham Song was used to make a video, which became quite widely shared amongst Nottingham folk, resulting in airplay on local radio stations, including BBC Radio Nottingham, on which I was interviewed by Andy Whittaker.