Paul’s First E.P.
Paul Curtis — Paul's First E.P.
Release date : Sept. 15, 2010
Label : Native Tongue
  1. Long Way From Me
  2. Let It All Hang Out
  3. Life's What You Make It
  4. Try To Live Your Dreams


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In 2010, Paul’s First E.P. was my first “proper” release.  This was available worldwide as a digital download, distributed by Ditto Music on their Native Tongue label.

I used the original versions of Life’s What You Make It and Try To Live Your Dreams and remixed Long Way From Me and Let It All Hang Out, giving both a very different sound.  With all my previous albums, I had used the same live drum and bass sound throughout.  I changed these for a different sound and reprogrammed and improved the drum fills.  In the case of Let It All Hang Out, I gave it a really funky drum and bass sound.

Long Way From Me was taken even further away from the original version by speeding it up slightly and cutting the lead guitar outro.  I added some of the lead guitar over the last chorus and applied the fade there.  This reduced the length of the track from 5:59 to 4:46.  A much more palatable length!