20 Years A Songwriter!

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the first song I ever wrote!  In celebration of this milestone, I’ve a little special something for everyone – read on to find out what!

As a handsome young 18 year old, I penned my first effort, Lynette, a story of love at first sight at a wedding reception!  Based loosely on real events… I basically copped off at a wedding!!  The love bit was mere artistic licence!

This was not strictly the first music or lyrics I had written.  I had composed some simple instrumentals for my GCSE music about 3 years earlier – before I’d even begun to learn guitar.  One of those, which was nothing more than a line of melody, then titled The Words Of Love, became a fully fledged song some 19 years later when I arranged it for guitar and set lyrics to it, renaming it I Will Cherish You, as part of the Bewilderment project.

Some months before Lynette, I’d also written the riff to Pressure Drive and one verse of lyrics that I subsequently anonymised to become the first verse of a song called You’ll Always Be My Love, several months later.

ButLynette was the first complete song that I had written, so that’s where I always feel that my journey as a singer-songwriter began. Read more

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