A long drive on a summer’s day

Put my shades on and I’m on my way

Windows down; stereo up high

Eating up road under clear blue sky


Feeling good and I’m singing along

Rocking out immersed in every song

Looking cool give the girls a wink

Man, machine and rock ‘n’ roll in perfect sync



I’m dreaming of that classic road trip

Route 66 or Highway 61

Liaisons and adventures on the way

One of these days you will find me gone


Cruising California State Route 1

Or coast to coast chasing that big old sun

Driving a Corvette or a Camaro

Feel that engine roar and away we go




I’m driving on the road

Hope to not get slowed

A clear run on the motorway will make me smile

The journey is the key

Destination secondary

The soundtrack carries me through each and every mile


Not really cool and in no Cadillac

Fortysomething in a family hatchback

Passing by unnoticed in reality

Buckle up and join my road trip fantasy




A long drive on a summer’s day (x 4)




© 2016 Paul Curtis