I’m just a man who needs to be loved

Just as anyone else needs to be

Why is it then that with so much love around

There never seems any for me?


Maybe there’s a reason; I don’t know

But I’m feeling lonely and I’m low



Deep down inside my greatest desire

Is to have a love of my own

Someone that I can hold and call my girl

And never more be alone


I’m ready to share a long romance

But I need to be given that first chance


I’d always do what is right by my girl

And take care of her from the start

She would find me always faithful and true

And I know all these things in my heart


I need a lover and a friend

To be with me right till the end


I wish I could find that someone to love

And that she would love me too

At least for now I’m only dreaming

And hoping my dreams will come true



© 1993 Paul Curtis