In another time, another place

It might have fallen into place

Perhaps it wouldn’t have ended in this way

In a different background scene

We just don’t know what might have been

If our paths had only crossed another day

Had I only seen your face

In another time, another place

At a different point in life

Maybe there wouldn’t be the strife

Possibly we could have fallen in love


If it only could have been

That I was the first you’d seen

And you’d nothing to get over from the past

If we weren’t so far apart

You might have given me your heart

And it wouldn’t have been over quite so fast

Circumstances were to blame

And it’s such a crying shame

With you everything was right

It could have reached another height

If we’d met in another time, another place


There was nothing I could do

I could have been so right for you

It was just the case that timing was bad

If we’d lived in the same town

Then you might not have got so down

It’s heartbreaking thinking what we could have had

We had perfect chemistry

But it wasn’t meant to be

There may still be a time when

We meet each other once again

Then we’ll know in another time, another place


© 2000 Paul Curtis