Now you’re on a long, long journey

It’ll be extraordinary

You’re gonna be perplexed when you open up your eyes

It’s gonna bring confusion

But it is no illusion

You’re about to be completely mystified





You’re gonna find yourself in a strange daze tonight


It’s heaven-sent

A bewildering experience is gonna change your life


The moment that you walked through my door

I knew you were the one I’d waited for

You were meant to play that enchanted guitar

It’s a portal to another place

Transporting you through time and space

In order that you can become a star




No need to feel apprehensive

It’s a fabulous way to live

A golden opportunity presents itself to you

It’s everything you ever wanted

Your dearest wish has been granted

Every fantasy you ever had is about to come true


(CHORUS x 2)


A bewildering experience is gonna change your life (x 2)



© 2008 Paul Curtis