Baby, baby, I’ve just gotta tell the truth

‘Bout the fact that you’re always acting so uncouth

It don’t become you but you do it everyday

Why do you feel you’ve got to wind me up this way?


And when you do it my head starts to spin around

And I just gotta get my feet back on the ground



Baby, baby, you make it seem like I’m on fire

You make me feel like a bird on a wire

I wish I understood the games you try to play

But for some reason I just love you anyway


Why it feels so right with you I just don’t know

Common sense tells me I should have left you long ago

You’ve such an attitude it stinks and that’s a fact

I can only put it down to opposites attract


You even hate the brand of cigarettes I smoke

Tell me am I really more than just another bloke




Bird (BIRD) Bird (BIRD)

Bird on a wire

Oh I’m a bird (BIRD) bird (BIRD)

Bird on a wire

Yes, I’m a bird (BIRD) bird (BIRD)

Bird on a wire

Oh, I’m a bird (BIRD) bird (BIRD)

Bird on a wire





© 1993 Paul Curtis