I’ve been wondering where you’ve been wandering

I’ve been moving while you’ve been grooving

I was smoking when you were toking

Well tell me just how many guys it you’re seeing?



I ain’t gonna be wasting my time and love on you anymore

Better go and find another home to wreck

Cos if you don’t leave I’m gonna break your neck


I’ve got everything I need and I’m sure that I don’t need you

You’re just one great big ball and chain and I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do

I’m motoring out for a short while gonna strike out on my jack

I’m gonna have me one hell of a time and I want you gone when I get back




Count the ways to a real strange daze in Memphis, Tennessee

The odds against it are ten to one and luck’s running out on me

That CA grass I’ll have to pass got a long drive ahead of me

Cos honey you’ve blown your last landmine and your ship’s sailing out to sea





© 1996 Dave Hanson / Paul Curtis