You caught my eye

One sunny day

I felt so shy in a

Childlike way

Come out to play


Unusual for a girl to have this effect on me

Especially one that’s my contemporary

Not from a past reality


You’re different to

Other guys

Being with you could it

Be unwise

I’m scared of ties


You exude fame as if you a celebrity

You’re an enigma and you captivate me

And I don’t want to be set free



It was by pure chance we met and got together

And we both know that now we’ve gotta take this chance for love


Could this be my destiny

Or simply serendipity?

Music makes it clear to see

This is my philosophy


There is a light

From above

That’s shining brightly down

Upon our love

Burn for our love


A light that says somehow that this was meant to be

And we want to bathe in it for eternity

We cannot know if it will always feel this way

But what we do know is this chance for love is now

So all that matters is today




Grasp this chance for love

This chance for love



© 2008 Paul Curtis