Wake up with a smile in my head

Full of dreams I crawl from my bed

I look behind, there’s an empty space

The pillow misshapen by your face


Wake up with a dim memory

I prod and poke to try and see

The alcohol haze has done its worst

My mind affected by the curse



There is no trace that you were here

My senses dulled by too much beer

And should I start it all again?

This vicious circle to stop the pain


As the water flows it covers free

It soothes my soul and cleanses me

But deep inside I know the truth

And hide behind the shield of youth




I’m here again, same old bar

Same old faces from afar

It’s my time to play the fool

To shuffle over and find the stool

The stool that leads me to my catch

In drunken stupor the plans will hatch


I woke up with a deep regret

This book is old its pages wet

It needs a little tender care

It needs a someone to be there


(CHORUS x 2)


© 2002 Deb Hainsworth