Colour my mind with memories of the times when we were young

Colour my mind with images of the things that we have done

Times of happiness; times of joy; times of adolescent love

Precious memories of such fun


Remember the times when we used to walk hand in hand beside the moonlit sea

I tell you, girl, at the time I thought this world was meant for you and me

You were the light shining in my soul and you were my Juliette

We were united as one


Until things started to change

We drifted apart and it seemed so strange

We couldn’t get along

And things just seemed so wrong

Yes, things started to change

And it wasn’t long before we were estranged

I felt I knew you no more

Why couldn’t things be like they were before?



Dirty my mind with sadness at the things that we’ve done wrong

Dirty my mind with emptiness at the suffering that has gone on

Tears of bitterness; tears of hate; bitter tears that I would rather forget

Tainted memories of lost love


Colour my mind with visions of you

Could things ever be the same again?



© 1993 Lee Williams / Paul Curtis