Time is moving on, there’s change in the air

The dawning of a new age

You can sense it blowing in on the wind

The turning of a new page

It’s affecting the band

This isn’t what I had planned

I thought we would go on indefinitely

Forever best in the land


The Sixties end

Optimism replaced with a frown

Cos it’s all come crashing down


There’s a feeling The Bewildered are through

They simply have run their course

Seemingly the boys are growing apart

And losing their driving force

They spend their time bickering

They want to do their own thing

Disillusionment is now creeping in

They are disintegrating


A decade done

And the ideals that had jewelled its crown

They have all come crashing down


Artistic differences

Egos clash

Arguing and fighting

Over cash

They defined and symbolise their time

A Sixties phenomenon

So sublime

It’s therefore natural you’d suppose

The world’s greatest band

Should bow out

With the decade

At its close


They can’t rekindle that enthusiasm

Of the early days

Different interests now outweigh common goals

They pull in opposite ways

A hiatus is here

A new era is near

A breakup seems to be inevitable

This will be an infamous year


The rot sets in

Now there’s that unmistakable sound

Of the dream crashing down

Crashing down



© 2008 Paul Curtis