You are the baby of the family

But with one big personality

You melt the heart of everyone you meet

They all think you are adorable

Mischievous grin and your eyes twinkle

Always singing songs that sound so sweet


You brighten up the dullest day



Elliot, it’s plain to see

Elliot, you mean the world to me

Cute face and that cheeky smile

I love you Elliot, my gorgeous child


Hero-worshipping your big brother

Demanding cuddles from your mother

And you playfight well above your weight

You kill me with all of your funny games

Your dirty laugh reminds me of Sid James

You know that I will always be your mate


You brighten up the dullest day




Ooh yeah



You brighten up the dullest day


(CHORUS x 2)



© 2016 Paul Curtis