They all stare with a frown

Jukebox slows down

Everybody grows fat

Right where they’re sat

Look up in the sky

Frank’s there very high

Fish smoking a pipe

Don’t believe the hype


Expand your mind

You’ll find answers just like magic

Much room to find

Everything you seek


Feeling very hot

Legs tied in a knot

Infinite car park

Country lane in the dark

Strong winds attack

Mirror witch stares back

Dodging snowflakes

Whatever it takes


Expand your mind

Less sensory deprivation

Don’t be so blind

It’s all there to see


Gotta stretch your limitations

Broaden your horizons

Down the road towards the truth

Let the oracle well up inside you


Climb a cliff, no fear

Hours disappear

Cave of tiny size

Matches hypnotise

Mechanical ceiling

Filter tip stealing

Heavy head made of lead

Laugh at everything said


Expand your mind

You must heighten your awareness

Don’t get left behind

Laying on the grass



© 2008 Paul Curtis