Caught us off guard when the wall came down

We strained our ears for a hopeful sound

For reasons beyond our control

Plans collapsed into a sinkhole

We’ve got to demonstrate positivism

Got to make the best and work this out



As I gaze into the flames

Reality and dreams become the same

All my disappointments fade away

Hypnotic dancing light

Orange fingers caress the night

All’s well with the world when I gaze into the flames


A missing piece of the jigsaw

Far beyond a distant shore

The monolith stands resolute

And we must share this attribute

We won’t be denied happy memories

We won’t be destroyed; we will survive




The stars are in the sky

Such brilliant light across the night

Our consciousness entwines

Our thoughts traverse the universe

A cosmic song to make us stronger now


From mountain tops down to the sea

Deep caverns to fields and trees

Castle towers to shores of sand

To the farthest point of land

We conquered it all and stood in wonder

On reflection we gained richer lives





© 2017 Paul Curtis