Music is the most important thing

In each of our lives

Rock ‘n’ roll stars are what we all wanted to be

And now that we’ve made it to the top

Fame and fortune is ours

But the best fringe benefit is quite easy to see



Girls all around us, so many there to meet

Turning each of us into a dog on heat

Girls, how we love ‘em we just can’t get enough

Gotta make the most of this summer of love


Straight after the gig every night

We’re out on the town

Once backstage groupies have been satisfied

We need to consume a skinfull, but with one thing on our minds

To find ourselves a girl with whom to spend the night




Could this be my destiny

Or simply serendipity?

Music makes it clear to see

This is my philosophy


Did fate declare this meant to be?

Did Lady Luck smile down at me?

One thing I know with certainty

Music lets my soul fly free


Then in the sober light of morning

Recounting all our exploits

Talking of girls as if they are simply toys

Counting notches on the bedpost

Laughing about daring escapes

Cos promiscuity reigns so bring on the wild times for the boys




Take your opportunities and make your opportunities

For time and tide wait for no man

Seize the moment, grasp the chance

Never with a backward glance

For time and tide wait for no man




Girls, girls, girls, girls



© 2008 Paul Curtis