Pete’s left the band and now they are no more

He’s going solo now and that’s for sure

A new kind of music needs to be played

An image transformation has just got to be made


A big, big sound and sparkling clothes

Stardust glittering across his nose

Metamorphosis complete, now everybody sing

Pete’s reinvented as the Glam Rock King



Glam rock (x 3)

He’s the Glam Rock King


Now the biggest concert draw in all the land

Is Pete Chronos and his glam rock band

Platforms and lurex really are his thing

He’s a sensation, he’s the Glam Rock King




They all wanna see him on Top Of The Pops

It’s like a wild rollercoaster that never stops

Even more outrageous than all before

The kids in the audience scream for more and more


His records sell a million in a matter of hours

His fans intoxicated by his glam rock powers

He rockets up the charts and all kids’ voices ring

Hey, Pete Chronos, you’re the Glam Rock King


Glam rock, glam rock, glam rock, he’s the Glam Rock (x 2)

He’s the Glam Rock King



© 2008 Paul Curtis