I’m not gonna play your games anymore

They’re like you’re stabbing me with a knife

I’m not gonna rise to it anymore

I’m fed up with all the strife

I wanna take back my life


We chose to call it a day

What we used to have was dead

But ever since you’ve been gone

You’ve put constant effort into messing with my head




You hassle me every day

You just won’t leave me in peace

It’s just incessant grief

But now I’m telling you that this harassment’s gonna cease




Mind games

Guilt trips

Laid blames

Head flips

Called names

Lost grips

This is where I draw the line and put a stop to it




Endless phone calls and texts

At all times of night and day

You’re stopping us both moving on

So pull yourself together and listen to what I say


(CHORUS x 2)



© 2003 Paul Curtis