If I took every piece of my life

And looked at what I had

Then gave away each piece I don’t like

Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad

But perhaps that would be too easy

And life would get dull

So I’ll just sit here and play my guitar all day long

Ha ha


Some guys took me back to their place

Pictures painted upon the wall

Of a view from an old stone window

To a church with a spire standing tall

In the back a solitary mountain

Bathed in a deep red sun

And I drank a glass or two of their homemade wine

Ha ha


Gotta change my fish’s water

Write letters and clean my room

Gotta go and get a passport picture

Gotta go and get put in my tomb

When will I find all the answers

To all the questions I’ve got

I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see

Ha ha


What is this life all about?

Is it all just a lie?

Please somebody help me

I know soon I shall die

Should I strive to be a hero

Or live a quiet life?

Should I seek fame and fortune?

Should I find me a wife?

Someone please tell me

What to seek to find

How can I escape

From being trapped in my mind?

Help me somebody

I’m trapped in my mind

Oh yeah


© 1994 Paul Curtis