Living life can be so testing

Sometimes it’s just too much to bear

Now and then it seems so hopeless

Makes me feel I couldn’t give a care

But a look outside your own world

Can make you see another side

Other people with their problems

Everybody trying to hide


They say there’s always someone

Suffering more than you

It might be true but it doesn’t stop you

Feeling the way you do

Nobody seems to care

They’re self-consumed anyway

At least that’s the way it seems

What is it you want them to say?



So hold your head up

It’s not so bad

Just take a look around

And don’t waste any time being sad

Life’s what you make it

So make it good

And just give what you’ve got

Give the world all that you think you could


When people join together

It makes the world a better place

We’re really all one people

Members of the human race

So look out for one another

Offer out your hand in love

You’ll receive for what you give

Cos all you really need is love




People dying

Hate everywhere

Children starving

Nothing to wear

People murdered

Because they were there

This is our world

Why don’t we care


Life’s what yo make it

Help someone out

Life’s what you make it

Stand up and shout

Life’s what you make it

Before you die

Life’s what you make it

Don’t live a lie


La, la, la, la, la la, la, la …..




© 1995 Paul Curtis