I luv ya Lottie and there’s nothing that compares

To the way I’m feeling when I hear you coming up the stairs

You send my pulse a’racing every time you move next to me

And I luv ya Lottie and it’s gonna last eternally


I luv ya Lottie from your head down to your toes

I love your silly sayings and the way you rub your nose

Sticking out your bottom lip when you don’t get your way

But I luv ya Lottie and you’d better believe what I say



And when you’re in my arms there’s magic all around

I want the world to know about the happiness I’ve found


I luv ya Lottie and when we snuggle up at night

Although it’s dark outside inside my heart is bright

Tell me that you’ll be my baby till the end of time

Cos I luv ya Lottie and I’m trying to tell you with this rhyme




That’s all



© 2003 Paul Curtis