The first time that I met her I had to take a chance

This girl just was so lovely so I asked if she would dance

As we swayed with the music I just could not forget

I asked her what her name was and she said it was Lynette



Lynette, how I love you

I just can’t go on like this

Lynette, you’re always on my mind

Ever since that first sweet kiss


We held each other closely and things just seemed so right

I couldn’t bear to leave her but I had to go that night

The time it came for me to go and Lynette, she told me this

It had been nice to meet me then she ended with a kiss




As I got changed to travel home I thought what could begin

I couldn’t leave things as they were; I had to go back in


We both agreed we’d keep in touch but there would still be more

For it was then that we embraced right there on the dance floor

I wished that kiss would never end but now I had to go

I said goodbye and left her there and how it hurt me so




I hope I’ll see you soon again

But please don’t you forget

That I love you much more each day

And I love you, Lynette


I love you, Lynette…..



© 1992 Paul Curtis