At long last it was the night of Pete’s final performance

The culmination of a tour of gigantic proportions

A huge success and rave reviews received throughout the lane

And no one except Pete knew the finale that was planned


He had said his last goodbyes and ordered his affairs

Tears were shed with closest ones for whom he really cares

Pete’s final preparation was at the guitar store

Where he collected that guitar for just one journey more



He would cement his place in history

With an enduring mystery

With all his heart and soul he played and sang

Then at the end he went out with a mighty bang


Such a buzz and build up had never before been known

The atmosphere electric, minds ready to be blown

The scene was set for a legend to write its final page

As at last the Pete Chronos Band exploded onto stage




After an amazing set had been played by the band

Pete left the stage and returned with a strange guitar in his hand

He announced his retirement to shocked and dismayed fans

And then he struck the final chord and completed his plans




Pete raised one hand up high

And looked up to the sky

The soundwave seemed to crash

There was a blinding flash

Then where his spotlight shone

Pete Chronos vanished and was gone



© 2008 Paul Curtis