From the moment you were born

You were putting up a fight

Stoic and resilient

You always came through alright

You spirit’s indomitable

And that is just one reason why

You’re my joy and my delight

And I want all the world to know that I’m so very proud of my



Nathaniel, you’re so caring and so sweet

Nathaniel, your will to win is hard to beat

You have the most amazing eyes

So stunning it’s untrue

There just are not the words to say

How much I love you


I see so much of me in you

Couldn’t be more competitive

Sporting endeavour is for us

And we both love a great rock riff

You are the responsible one

Although you are the middle child

Nurturing and compassionate

And that is why I say again that I’m so very proud of my




You take care of your mother

Keen to please and do what’s right

You’re the world’s fussiest eater

But you’re a shining light










© 2016 Paul Curtis