Out of the doorway and into the night

Went my baby, cos she didn’t feel right

She says she don’t love me no more and she’s got to shoot through

Life’s been nothin’ but trouble and it’s got me feeling blue



Nothin’ but trouble

That’s all my life’s been

Nothin’ but trouble

No matter how hard I try

Man, I just can never win


I went to a bar to drink my sorrows away

And seek consolation after such a blue day

But there ain’t no solutions at the bottom of a glass

And I just got hungover; ain’t life just a gas?




My work got affected and I lost my job

My home repossessed; it made me want to sob

I don’t have no money; no roof above my head

No woman to love me; I just wished I was dead




But now I’ve no hassles, no pressure or debt

My life’s the open road and if it rains, I get wet

But I don’t care about that, cos I’m a free man

And I’m happy as long as I’ve a guitar and a beer can


Nothin’ but trouble, yeah

The way life used to be

But life ain’t so bad now, no

Each new day has promise

And there’s a whole world out there to see

Right on



© 1994 Paul Curtis