Pete and Dewey jammed and got on well together

They had common musical ideas

Hank, a mate of Dewey’s was a bass guitarist

He agreed to join them over a few beers


They advertised to find themselves a drummer

A lad named Chip turned up an hour late

Pete played rhythm guitar and took the lead vocal

And the first time they all played, it sounded great



Now we’re a band

A hot new group

We’ve got it planned

We’re cock-a-hoop

Now we’re a band

A fab combo

All through the land

We’ll steal the show


All the R ‘n’ B standards were learnt and worked on

Pete began to write some songs as well

Gradually the band’s own unique sound developed

And the four members really began to gel


Then the boys needed to decide on a band name

Pete said, “I know what it has to be

“From now on we will be known as The Bewildered”

They agreed that name would suit them wonderfully




The Bewildered started playing local pub gigs

At first reactions were only lukewarm

But their onstage presence and charisma won through

And in no time, they were going down a storm


Then a rather odd, eccentric man approached them

“You need management” is what he said

“The Old Crazy Devil is what people call me

“I will make you stars before this year is dead”


(CHORUS x 2)


Now we’re a band



© 2008 Paul Curtis