Don’t you ever feel like you’re alone

In a mean old world you’re on your own?

Been made to feel all along

That everything you do is wrong



Ooh prejudice (x2)


People won’t accept you; that’s a shame

And all because you’re not the same

Your tastes and looks aren’t right

Their jeans are loose, but yours are tight




It’s just the way it’s always been

If you don’t act right you won’t fit in

They seem to think you look all wrong

Just because you wear your hair long




Why is it people are this way?

Get you down with all the crap they say

But don’t conform or compromise

One day you’ll cut them down to size




Prejudice of different kinds

Created by twisted minds

From school kids bullied cos they don’t look right

To the Holocaust and Apartheid

When will we see that it’s all wrong

To make out people don’t belong

A world of multi-race and creeds

Mutual respect is what it needs

Nazis and the KKK

Its bullshit what they do and say

I dream that black can live with white

Don’t be brainwashed – prejudice ain’t right


Who the hell do these people think they are?

Where’d they get the right to go so far?

Telling you the way you should be

Well none of that rubs off on me




If you feel this way you’ve got to learn

Not to jump upon the bandwagon

Don’t be a face in the crowd

You’ve got to stand out and be loud




So don’t be bullied to conform

Just be yourself and not the norm

You’ll find some downright cruel

But they’re just narrow-minded fools




But everyone needs to belong

And to discriminate is wrong

Underneath we’re all the same

No matter from where we came




So there it is – for goodness’ sakes

Let’s not repeat our past mistakes

Our world will never live in peace

Until we kill our prejudice



© 1994 Paul Curtis