As I walked with some friends one September night

We met some girls from Ireland and we talked beneath a streetlight

We all went to my friend’s place; I couldn’t take my eyes from her face

This girl sitting next to me

I picked up a guitar and played and we all sang to the sounds I made

I never saw her take her eyes off me



But soon we’d have to part

I was besotted from the start

She left me with a broken heart


She took me by the hand and asked for a certain song

We both sang it together, gazing at each other for so long

As we shared our first kiss nothing else seemed to exist

And we held each other so closely

But she was going home tomorrow; it made me feel so much sorrow

I wanted her to always be with me




We were together such a short while

Before she returned to the Emerald Isle

I wondered if she would remember me

Far away across the Irish Sea

Will I ever see her again?

How will I cope between now and then?

And does she feel the same way as me?

I love her


That bitter time had come; we went out to be alone

We held each other closely and kissed goodbye by the light of the moon

I looked back over my shoulder; I wanted to go back and hold her

But I knew I’d never let her go

She looked back and we waved; I realised how much I craved

To be with her forever I loved her so


But we had had to part

I was besotted from the start

She left me with a broken heart

I must see her again some day

I know I will

She’s the girl of my dreams, yeah

My Irish dream girl



© 1994 Paul Curtis