I just gotta get on down tonight

Down to something that’s really hot

Feel I wanna boogie all night long

Just a’boogie and never stop

So I find a place not far away

Tucked away down some back street

Where they have their very own kinda dancing

A groove that you just can’t beat



Slammin’ jammin’

It’s buzzing around my head

Slammin’ jammin’

I’ll slam and jam until I’m dead


It just feels fantastic

You’re gonna have to check it out

I bet you’ve never done nothing like it

And I say that without no doubt

So won’t you come on out with me

And you’ll see just what I mean

You’ll just find that you just can’t live without it

You’d die without the slammin’ scene



Slammin’ jammin’

It’s buzzing around your head

Slammin’ jammin’

You’ll slam and jam until your dead


(CHORUSES 1 & 2)


Slammin’ jammin’…..



© 1992 Paul Curtis