Do you really want to be in a sour milk sea

Gasping for breath

Surrounded by death

Well take my hand and I’ll pull you out

You can make the change

I ain’t got no doubt


Why do you feel so scared?

You never dared to take on me

It never could be

So stop all this and make a stance

You’ll understand if you just take one glance



But for now you’re drowning, drowning, drowning

Drowning in a sour milk sea

Do you really want to keep on drowning, drowning, drowning

In a sour milk sea?


You always had a lot to say to get your way



Now it seems as though you’ve lost your will

Abate yourself and take a bitter pill




See the power that you can hold in your hand

Like the sea that’s constantly eating the land

Like the strongest wind rushing round in the sky

If you use it now, well then you’ll never die


Tell me why you wander round in the dark

And how did you get through life without a single mark?

How did you always know what you would be?

And how did you end up drowning in the sour milk sea?




© 1996 Paul Curtis