It’s often I think about

My youth that’s long since gone

Memories so dear to me

Of all the things I’ve done

All the people I love so much

And now I dearly miss

If I could only live my life again

And fill my heart’s abyss


Take me back, oh take me back

To where we used to play and have such fun in the sun

When we were young

And life was just a game we used to play


But each life continues

And in time all good things end

Leaving people hurts so much

But broken hearts will mend

Years go by and memories

Are all that stay with me

Good times; bad times

All which made me what I came to be


Take me back, oh take me back

To the people that I love and miss so much

And the things we used to do

When life was great and worries were so few



But of course you can’t return

And that’s the simple truth

And so I just thank the Lord

That I did so many things with my youth



© 1992 Paul Curtis