And now you say it’s reached the end

You just want to be friends

There’s nothing I can say

to make it any other way

You have ripped my heart in two

I don’t know what to do

Can’t see how to go on

now all my happiness is gone

I can’t see the way ahead

Now my love of life is dead

You completely changed my life

But now the pain cuts like a knife


I really should have known

That I’d end up alone

The way it was with you

was too good to be true

I know it was hard for you

After all you’d just been through

I never meant to

make things worse for you

I just want to hear you say

You believe there is a way

I can make you change your mind

I hope there is a way I’ll find


You filled my life with light

Everything felt right

So perfect it had seemed

but now you’ve shattered all my dreams

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

For another chance with you

I just hope and pray

you’ll want me back again one day

I miss you oh so bad

With you were the happiest times I’ve had

I believe you were the one

For me, but I’ve lost you and you’re gone



© 2000 Paul Curtis