Every time I see your face

I get lost in time and space

I equate it to the beauty of the sea

Whenever I hold your hand

I hear the waves breaking on the sand

And it makes me feel so free



Holding you is pure tranquillity

And I wish that I could always be

In your arms and just the ocean, you and me


Every time I see you smile

I’m hypnotized just for a while

And I feel I’m lost beneath the waves

And every time we share a kiss

It’s a moment of pure bliss

Like the sea and sand, it’s all I crave




When I look into your eyes

I’m transported to paradise

And I see the beach and just we two

All the time that I’m with you

I feel the ocean, deep and blue

It’s so peaceful being close to you




Just the ocean, you and me (x3)



© 2000 Paul Curtis