I got something bugging and I’ve had quite enough

The thing is why am I so unlucky in love?

I’d ask for advice but there’s no one I can trust

So I just thought about it and I think I got it sussed



I’m too hot to handle

That’s what my problem is

Man, I got heat radiating

Out from my fingertips

If you play with fire

You’ve got to expect to get burnt

Because I’m too hot to handle

And this lesson must be learnt


When I meet a woman it often starts off well

But when they get to know me I get told to go to hell

I know when it’s getting to that point and no higher

Cos they go “Goodness gracious, great balls of fire”




Hit me


I’m a man on fire and I ain’t got no doubt

That if you want to be with me you’ll have to put me out

If you don’t do something I just might overload

Cos I’m just getting hotter and I think I might explode



© 1993 Paul Curtis