I’d looked forward to this for so long

Seeing my old friends again and knowing that we would all have so much fun

But this year had something special in store

I wouldn’t be leaving the same as I’d come

No, no, no

This was Treloyhan beginnings


It was four days before it took place

And it was like lightning struck me the moment that I saw her face

That beautiful smile and those eyes

I instantly knew that she had to be mine

Oh yes

This was Treloyhan beginnings


I decided the following night

That I’d make my move and I’d try to kiss her if it felt right

But this time it wasn’t to be

Because she kissed someone else and this hurt me

But there would still be

Treloyhan beginnings


I was determined I wouldn’t give in

The next day I asked if she’d come out with me later that evening

And we drank tequila and danced

I was absolutely entranced the first time we kissed

This was it

This was Treloyhan beginnings


The following night was my last

We met up and walked to the beach and we lay there and kissed and time went all too fast

We’d so much in common we’d found

And then we went back to her house, still covered in sand

And then we made love

I loved these Treloyhan beginnings


Then sadly I had to go home

I couldn’t bear to leave her there and travel all that way back to be alone

She promised me we’d meet again

And then we made love one more time, then I had to go

And it hurt me so

But thank God for Treloyhan beginnings

Treloyhan beginnings (x3)


© 2000 Paul Curtis