People say I’m crazy

Cos I try to live my dreams

They say it’s just fantasy

They can’t be more than dreams

But I say hey now listen

I will explain if I may

That that don’t make no sense to me

And this is what I say



Try to live your dreams

Try to live your dreams

You’ve got to live for something

And life’s more than what it seems

Try to live your dreams

They’re well within your means

This world is for your taking

If you try to live your dreams


Take good heed of what I say

There’s nothing you can’t do

Truly believe in yourself

Soon others will do too

Don’t be put off in any way

When people just make fun

Cos you will have the last laugh

When they see what you have done




Cast your mind back

Think what you’ve achieved since you were young

Dreams fulfilled already

Think how many things you’ve done

What I mean to say

Is you should never be content

You’ve got to keep non dreaming

And just live for what you dreamt




Try to live your dreams  (x5)


(CHORUS x 2)


Yeah woo


© 1993 Paul Curtis