Waiting for the phone to ring

Wondering what news it will bring

Can’t you see that it’s driving me mad

Dangling from a thread

Imaginary conversations in my head

Just knowing how I stand would make me feel so glad



I’m just waiting for your call

Something tells me that it won’t come at all

Waiting for the call that never comes


All this waiting I can’t bear

Sitting here pulling out my hair

Tension building as more time goes

Wishing I could look inside your head

And make comparisons with what you’ve said

And answer any question that I’d care to pose




Never calling when you say you will

Forces me to take a bitter pill

Hours and days seem to pass so slow

Could it be that you’ve made up your mind

If so why the hell do you leave me blind

Good or bad I just need to know




It never comes



© 2000 Paul Curtis