Welcome to London, 1964

To be precise you’re in my Tin Pan Alley music store

Don’t think you’re dreaming, this is completely real

Take a moment, readjust and I’ll explain the deal


You have been chosen to come to this time and place

To endeavour through music to change the human race

Playing this guitar is all you have to do

And you can travel back and forth, nobody else but you



Welcome to 1964

The whole experience lies through that door


You have the privilege to flit between this time and yours

As often as you like from either of the guitar stores

But you have ten years only, exactly to the day

And the time you’re in when that point comes is the one in which you’ll stay




There’s a choice to make in ten years’ time (x 4)


Here comes a young lad that I ought to introduce to you

He’s a good lead guitarist in a style that’s fresh and new

His name is Dewey and he wants to form a band

Dewey, meet Pete Chronos here and shake him by the hand





© 2008 Paul Curtis