Pete was in a daydream

For quite a while

He tried to go about his life

As usual with a smile

But inside he was aching

For the life he’d left behind

He needed a new purpose

To refocus his mind



What was the meaning?

Did it change a thing?

What lessons can be learned?

It’s just so bewildering


So Pete Chronos settled down

Into obscurity

No longer anyone special

Just mediocrity

Constantly inside his head

Pete would hear a voice

A niggling doubt that kept telling him

He had made the wrong choice




Had the music really made a difference big or small?

Had there been a real purpose?

And if so had it been achieved at all?


Pete resolved to document

His story in the hope

His demons would be exorcised

And thereby he may cope

He set the tale to music

A rock opera naturally

With names changed to protect the innocent

It was his legacy


(CHORUS x 2)



© 2008 Paul Curtis