Former Bandmate of Paul’s On The Cusp Of The Big Time

Seventeen years ago, I placed notices in the Leeds University Union and local guitar shops, in the hope of getting a band together.  As a result, I was contacted by a 16 year old lead guitarist by the name of Dave Hanson.  Dave was already in a three piece band going by the name, Turmoil, and they had decided that they wanted a front man.  I joined up and the group was renamed Strange Daze.

Strange Daze played predominantly blues and classic rock covers with a handful of originals written between Dave and myself thrown in.  We played regular gigs for a year or so, before falling out and splitting up.

Nevertheless, Dave and I remained good friends.  We ran an open mic session together around the same time, and Dave’s mum and dad always ensured that the poor starving student that I was got a good home cooked meal now and then!  Dave was of course very young at the time and I remember him as having obvious oodles of raw talent, but an overblown ego to match!

As time went on, Dave and I continued to play together at the odd open mic / jam session, and supported one another’s musical endeavours.  Throughout that time, I observed Dave’s guitar playing mature, improve and refine –the youthful ego gradually being replaced with taste and ever increasing skill.

A couple of years ago, Dave hooked up with the open mic host at his local, a lad by the name of Joe Dunwell, and before long a new band was born.  Fronted by Joe and his brother, David, The Dunwell Brothers Band, since shortened to The Dunwells, play a well crafted and highly polished brand of folk rock, with exquisite vocal harmonies.  As for Dave Hanson, his lead guitar work with The Dunwells is the finest I’ve ever heard him play.  He plays with the perfect level of restraint, whilst still demonstrating his great talent, with fine licks.

I had the privilege of supporting them at an early gig in Harrogate and saw firsthand the enormous potential that they had.  Since then The Dunwells have worked their socks off and are now reaping the rewards.  They are well into their first US tour, which has generated rave reviews all along the way.  The masses of fans they are gaining include such luminaries as Cameron Crowe and Graham Nash.

Their debut album, Blind Sighted Faith, is being just as well received as their hugely successful tour.  I strongly recommend that you check it out:

The Dunwells are on the verge of becoming huge.  So, God knows I’m jealous, but I wouldn’t take anything away from them, because they are a superb band and they richly deserve what they have begun to achieve.  So to The Dunwells, and in particular my old mate, Dave Hanson, I raise a glass to you and to your current success.  Long may it grow and continue.

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