I’m Back!

Unbelievably, despite being the middle of the year, I’m about to play my first gig of the year!  Playing live has up to now not been the focus that it has over the past couple of years, for various reasons, not least that I’ve recently undergone surgery on my right shoulder.  I’ve had a subacromial decompression procedure, which is keyhole surgery, during which I’ve had a bone spur removed.  I had this done less than two weeks ago and was concerned at how it may affect my ability to perform at Congsfest, which I’d agreed to do prior to getting my surgery date.  Fortunately, with most of my strumming work occurring at my elbow and wrist, it turns out I can play reasonably comfortably, so it’s game on!  I may need to remember not to do any Pete Townshend “windmills” though!!

I’m very much looking forward to playing three upcoming events, with some new songs.  Also, the time at home convalescing has prompted me to return to recording my long-shelved Bewilderment project.  Let’s hope I can maintain the momentum with it to the end this time!

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