It’s Starting To Feel A Lot Like Xmas!

December is almost upon us and I always enjoy this time of year particularly because I get to wheel out my Xmas numbers!  They certainly don’t make Xmas records like they used to, which is why of the 8 Xmas covers that I do, there are 4 from the 70s and 4 from the 80s.

Highly unusually, I have only my first, what I’d call “standard” gig of the year coming up on 2nd December, at The Busfeild Arms, East Morton.  It probably seems as though I’ve done very little over the past year, other than 3 summer festival gigs and a few open mic performances, but in actual fact I have been beavering away at my rock opera recording project and have made significant progress.

I have completed the bass and drum programming to 23 of the 25 tracks – this being by far the most time consuming part of the process.  I will have completed this by the end of the year and in the New Year will commence recording the guitars and vocals.  Those parts I know like the back of my hand and will quickly get them down.  I guarantee that I will complete this record next year.  Bewilderment will finally be out there after 10 years in the making!  If that doesn’t get you excited for 2018 I don’t know what will!!

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