Are You Ready For A Mercurial Session?

At least since my teens, music has been everything to me.  I mean, I’ve always loved music, but when you reach a certain point, usually in your adolescence, and get into certain bands or artists, the sounds and the lyrics suddenly mean something to you and move you as a human being.  Music becomes the soundtrack to your life.  It both influences and responds to your emotions and moods.  You don’t just hear it – you feel the music.  This fact gives the musician an incredible thing – the ability to create a vibe, send it out, feel the reaction, respond to it in turn and feed it back again, and so it goes around and around and grows and develops into something special and unique and at that moment.  This was something that I cottoned on to at an early stage in my life, and I realised, “I want some of that!”

The songs I’ve released on my latest E.P. were written around genuine emotions and events in my life.  I suppose that they provide a glimpse of the real me, or at least the real me at a certain juncture of my life.  They were written first and foremost out of a love of writing songs, but the process also serves as a kind of therapy.  And music does this for all of us, be it the songwriter, the performer or the listener – it gets us through life’s ups and downs.

On July 18th 2011, “Mercurial Session”, my second 4 song E.P. became available as a digital download via this site, from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

The tracklisting for the “Mercurial Session” E.P. is as follows: –

  1. I’m Not Gonna Play Your Games Anymore
  2. Nottingham Song
  3. Where Do I Go From Here?
  4. Together With You

Whether you’ve been with me from the start or you are just joining me, I want to once again convey my sincere gratitude for your kind words, love and support.  If you want to help spread the word, please retweet, comment, or post a link to this site on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else.  I sincerely hope that my latest record will not only mean something to you when you hear it, but will help you through the occasional up or down for years to come,

Much love,


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