Time To Refocus

You know, I’ve met some cool people lately and my confidence has received a much needed boost, having been at a low ebb. I’ve been struggling to book gigs, failing to break even on my EP, seeing other local musicians achieving cool things and as a result, I’ve been feeling pretty inadequate. But I’ve managed to get 2 bookings in one day last week and I’ve had a few new friends say some very kind things about my songs and my singing in the last few days. I’ve wasted too much time trying to be an online marketer this last couple of years. It hasn’t paid off and it’s been at the expense of being a musician and the enjoyment that goes with it. My focus will be well and truly back to playing music from hereon. I’m on the up! Thankyou all those who have encouraged me this last few days.

” One thing I know with certainty
Music lets my soul fly free”
(that’s one of mine!)

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