Totally Revamped Set

I’ve really been enjoying playing a load of new cover versions recently, having given my repertoire its most comprehensive facelift ever!  There’s classics by The Jam that I’ve never previously performed through to more up to date stuff by the likes of Lady Ga Ga and Pharrell Williams to name but a few.  It’s meant goodbye to some longstanding features of my repertoire, but that’s a good thing.  It feels well refreshed.

Additionally, I’ve been digging into the vaults of my own songs and playing some that I’ve not performed in a long long time at open mics.  Keeps things interesting and fun!

Definitely my most significant addition to my repertoire though has been a cover.  It’s been much requested since I started doing it.  I spent a solid 3 weeks learning it!  I’m proud to say that I now do a solo acoustic version of the entirety of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!

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